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Marees Hostel


Marees Hostel assures your comfort and satisfaction.

It is a walled facility with 36 rooms, 24hrs security Service, a Shop, good Water Storage System, Complaints Desk, Cleaners and a stand by Electricity Generator.

TV Room
Standby electricity Generator


Marees hostel has spacious self contained rooms with each room comprising two beds with mattresses, two wardrobes, two study desks and a bath room with Water Closet and Wash Hand Basin

Grocery Shop

Marees Hostel has a  shop that operates 24hrs  and sells all kinds of items that make Life easier for students

TV Room

Marees hostel has a spacious common hall with a 60" Television screen and a satellite decoder for students viewing pleasure

Water Storage

Marees Hostel has made provision to be able to store about large volume of water against periods when GWCL does not supply water.


Each room in Marees Hostel has a kitchen attached with a kitchen Sink with Tap and 2 Kitchen Cupboards

Electricity Generator

Marees Hostel also has put in place a standby Electricity Generator for periods when VRA does not supply power.


Marees Hostel is Located at the University for Development Studies, Dungu-Tamale Campus 

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